Saturday, 7 May 2016

The world of striped mesh dresses and more!!

Hello All,

This is my first ever blog post (and hopefully there will be many more to follow :-)).

I absolutely adore dresses made from air mesh or striped mesh fabric.
Dresses, skirts and tops made from this fabric in different colors and styles have been out in the high street for a little while now.
P.S.: I say "high street" as that's where I shop. The designer labels are way out of my budget for now ;-)

Getting back to the post, I first spotted a striped mesh dress on the fashion blog "stylishpetite". Fell in love with how girly the dress looked on the very stylish Annie.

Since I live in the UK, my search for striped mesh garments started in the high street stores here.
I spotted two dresses of this kind in Warehouse. However, the cut of the dress did not flatter my body and I sadly decided to return it.

For some reason, I gave up looking for such dresses and even before I realized it, I had forgotten about them!

Then last month I stumbled upon a dress..a mesh striped dress on the H&M website..
My heart leaped with joy, only to be disappointed size was sold out! :-(
It was as though the world had come to an end...well that is an exaggeration I know...
But at that time it felt quite a bit like that! For all I know, the dress would not have fit me well , but the fact was I would never know!

But then I thought if H&M has it, the other stores might too (a ray of hope)...
I soon found a number of UK high street shops like Dorothy Perkins (DP), Lipsy, Quiz Clothing, New Look, Apricot & Coast (to be precise as per my research) :-)
Even Tu clothing, clothing range of Sainsburys, had a striped mesh skirt in their range at the time I was looking.

I was on cloud nine and beyond ! ;-)
To satisfy my hunger for "the" dress I ordered quite a number of dresses and skirts from DP, H&M, Coast, Anita & Green (via Brand Attic) and Warehouse (via ASOS).

Anita & Green Blackjack dress (courtesy
Forest Coast Longoria textured dress (courtesy

Coral striped dress (courtesy
Just to mention, the sizing and fit were different in each of these stores. After various catwalks in front of a panel of judges (hubby & son- in case you were wondering), I decided to hold onto the dresses from DP, Coast & Anita & Green and a skirt from H&M.

For those of you who are interested, the size of the dress/skirt from each of the store that I chose to keep are
and finally black H&M SKIRT (size 12)-sold out

I am absolutely in love with the pieces I picked up.
What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by!
See you in my next post :-)

Till then, take care :-)


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